About Greg

Greg Forrester is an award-winning writer and PhD candidate. He is the author of two short stories - The Blue Rose and Candlelight -



3 mins read

I can hear my brothers, my uncles, my great-uncles hammering away in the mines twenty floors beneath us. Candlelight toys with the dining room and for a second my world becomes dark. Grandpa begins, spewing out the same rhetoric he does every time the three of us are together. His […]


Name The Film – Disney

1 min read

The rules of the quiz are simple – you’ll be shown 20 pictures from animated films, and you have to pick out which film the image comes from. All films are animated films produced by Disney (including those re-released under the Disney header)

Short Story

The Blue Rose

3 mins read

You’ve been here for about ten minutes, maybe a little longer but not much. When you first got here you watched me write, sitting on one of the piles of books that rests against my living room wall, keeping quiet, not wanting to disturb me. But I knew you were there. Staying in the background isn’t your style. Even when you’re not talking you’re demanding attention. It’s in the little things you do, the way you flick your hair, the conviction of your attention, the control you exert over a room – you just have to be noticed.